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AT&T USA Samsung *INSTANT* all models supported! 100% Service

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AT&T USA Samsung *INSTANT* all models supported! 100% Service

Supports any Samsung model & network from USA unless EXCLUDED.
NCK, SP & DEFREEZE Code provided.

Do not order Unlock Code for your Samsung cellphone if your Samsung cellphone has "Device Unlock App" installed (even if you find a way to enter code in cell phone) code will NEVER work on cellphone with "Device Unlock App" and we will not refund order.

Unsupported Models:
- IMEIs starting with 9900 and Verizon Devices*
- Samsung Avant SM-G386T from T-Mobile USA
- Cricket
- Sprint
- Tracfone
- Net10
- Straight Talk
- Any Samsung cellphone from T-Mobile/MetroPCS USA with "Mobile Unlock App"

You will not be refunded if you order unlock code for any of these cellphones and complaint about a wrong code or code entry issue.

For any queries or assistance regarding unlocking or repairs, shoot us a quick email and we will help you through!

Email: Support@Talktonez.com


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