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A broken cell phone can be a real hassle! At TalkTonez Cell Phone Repair, our well-trained technicians ensure your mobile device is up and running again as quickly as possible, at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Repairs aren’t the only thing we do. At TalkTonez Cell Phone Repair, you’ll also find all sorts of accessories for your mobile device, from chargers to massive variety of cases. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll order it for you.

At TalkTonez, we understand the frustration of a broken Smartphone. Whether you wield an iPhone or Android, it is still painful. TalkTonez is here to help; whether you are visiting one of our retail location or choose to mail in your device, TalkTonez conveniently and quickly repairs smartphones, tablets and MP3 players to completely working condition. Broken iPhone screens generally happen every day, and having one repaired used to be inconvenient and expensive. Apple products only come with a limited warranty that includes a one year of iPhone or iPad repairs. Extended warranties are pricey and only include one extra year of service. At TalkTonez – a broken iPhone or Android phone can be repaired within 30-90 minutes. You may not even notice and it is gone!

Why replace your phone with a new one when a repair with TalkTonez is possible? A broken iPhone screen does not necessarily mean a broken iPhone. New smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars. Avoid expenses of a new smartphone; TalkTonez provides affordably fast service. With properly performed phone repairs at TalkTonez, we preserve the life of your smartphone and tablet beyond what any manufacturer warranty will ever cover. Smartphones, tablets and other devices are expensive investments that most people intend to utilize for several years after purchase. Most of us do not see a reason to immediately upgrade to the next generation of devices every time they are released. TalkTonez seeks to fill the growing need for a comprehensive smartphone repair solution by offering a full selection of repair services with a 90 days & labor warranty on every device fixed; varying from brand to brand.

TalkTonez specializes in repairs for any Apple product including iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as Androids and Blackberry device repair. But most importantly of all, you will receive premier, personalized service every time. So no matter what your repair needs are, TalkTonez Repair has you covered. Before throwing away your broken or damaged cell phone, the solution is to get a cell phone repair instead. Do you have a broken Cell phone? It can likely be fixed and it will not cost as much as you think. Many people don’t even realize that their cell phone can be fixed.

When your cell phone provider tells you that your phone cannot be fixed a good 80% of the time, it actually can. Cellphone providers make money by issuing new phones and selling phone services. Since many of the providers have contracts, or phone tabs that essentially act like contracts, they are anxious to have their customers ‘get into a new phone’. This is why they tell people that phones cannot be fixed. Come let us show you not only how we can fix your phone but also how you can save money on your phone bill. We can repair almost any kind of damage or problem with your cell phone. Fixable issues include: Broken glass, completely dead screen, bad reception WiFi or cellular, Phone stops/freezes during start-up, Phone mistreated during its life and needs a face lift, and of course the famous water damage problem.

Before giving up on your old phone, come see us and find out how easy it is to get your current phone fixed in TalkTonez. TalkTonez saves your mobile life. We fix all brands of cell phones and smart phones, iPads, tablets, iPods, and more. From cracked screens to broken displays, from sticky buttons to power problems, our talented and professional experts perform miracles. If your Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola or any manufacturer’s gadget is worth repairing, it’s worth having it fixed by us.

Our commitment is to delight you with extraordinary service. Our passion is to fix your digital sidekick. TalkTonez is essential to today’s tech-heavy environment. The fast-paced world we live in demands our devices work at all times, but what do we do when our devices fail due to accidents? When warranties fail, TalkTonez won’t! We can fix any type of phone, smartphone, or device that you need fixed, whether they are damaged from screen cracks, or even problems with their internal hardware. We can even fix them in-store while you wait. We have worked in mobile device repairing firm for more than years and now we are well aware of the knowhow of almost every cellphone damage. Our passion for customer service excellence remains at the heart of TalkTonez, where friendly customer service staff and skilled repair technicians ensure your mobile device is back in your hands as quickly as possible.

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